You might be getting sicker than you thought after buying cheap and ineffective medicine online

There is growing evidence that people who shop online are more likely to be sicker and to miss crucial appointments than those who pay for the treatment.

But the research suggests it is only after they have purchased some of the cheap and often ineffective medicines they think they need that the health risks are realised.

The latest research, published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, also suggests that some of these cheap and useless medicines may actually increase the risk of illness.

The study, which involved almost 1,500 people, was led by Dr Rene Cairns from University College London.

He said: ‘When we buy drugs online, we are not aware of the potential for harmful side-effects or other serious health risks.’

We have to assume that we have purchased the product because we are familiar with its benefits and risks, and then we have to weigh up all the information.’

So what we have found is that the cheaper a drug is, the higher the risk it has of causing side-effect, and the more likely it is to have serious side- effects, especially if you are not familiar with the risks and benefits of that drug.’

When we are unsure about the risks or benefits of a drug, we tend to buy it, but when we are aware of them, we choose to avoid buying it.’

Dr Cairn said that while the data may not show how many people buy expensive, ineffective medicines, it does suggest that some patients may be getting the wrong advice.’

I think it’s important that people know what they are buying, so we can use it as a guide to what to do with it,’ he said.’

In a society where healthcare costs are skyrocketing, it is important that we are looking out for each other.’

It is very hard to do that when you have been buying products from a website.’

The study used data from a national survey of people aged 16-64.

It used a ‘self-report’ questionnaire, which is not based on a questionnaire of the actual patients themselves.

However, the survey data was used to calculate the number of people who said they had been told that they had a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ health and had not been able to make an informed choice.

It also used data about the patients’ attitudes towards the drug and its use, including how often they used the drug.

Dr Cairs team found that people buying cheaper medicines were more likely than those buying cheaper but less effective drugs to say that they would like to try out a new drug before buying it.’

They were more interested in the quality of the information provided and less interested in knowing the risks,’ he explained.’

There were also more negative attitudes towards drugs when they had purchased them.’

Dr Richard Wootton, from the University of Sydney, said that he was surprised to find that the most common reason people bought the cheaper drugs was that they did not know the information they were being given.’

If they are not informed about the side effects, then there’s a higher risk that they’ll go off it,’ Dr Wootts said.

‘But I think it could be because people are being misled by what they see online and the information that they are being given by doctors.’

The bottom line is that when people are buying cheap, ineffective products online, they are likely to make the wrong decisions and have the wrong information.’

Dr Woottons team also found that most of the people who were being misled about the health benefits of the cheaper, less effective medicines did not use them for more than five days a week.

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