‘No drugs for depression’ in Canada

More than a decade after its launch, a new class of medication is on the market that offers relief for the depression that has dogged Canada’s long-time war on drugs.

More: ‘No Drugs for Depression’ in the U.S. could be coming to Canada (and, maybe, to other nations)The new class, called “good samarate medication” (GSM), is being introduced by Health Canada to combat the rising number of Americans suffering from the common cold.

The drug is designed to help people who suffer from the milder form of the cold, but can also be used in a milder way.

In a recent survey, over half of Canadians said they were prescribed the drug for the cold.

The federal government says it is looking into the idea.

It is designed specifically to reduce the impact of the common illness, but it also helps people who have other symptoms like muscle spasms and headaches.

It’s marketed by Health Impact Solutions and it has a shelf life of three months.

“The primary purpose of GSM is to reduce stress and anxiety,” said Paul Geddes, the company’s chief medical officer.

“It’s a natural medication for people with milder colds, but if people have more serious colds it may not be effective.”

I’m hopeful that people will look at GSM and be willing to take it, especially given the fact that it’s an approved drug by Health and Safety Canada.

“In fact, it’s already been approved by Health Care and Social Assistance Canada.

The drug was also tested in a pilot project with a Manitoba health facility.”

There’s a lot of work ahead of us to get approval for it in Manitoba, and to get it approved in Canada is a big step,” said Gedds.”

If we can show that it works, then we’ll move forward with a pilot program in Manitoba.

“The new medication is available through Health Canada’s website, the GSM website and in drugstores across the country.

The company is not disclosing the number of people it’s being tested on.

The GSM class of drugs is the first of its kind in Canada.

It is being developed by Health Sciences Canada, which has the regulatory authority for drugs and diagnostics for health care providers and their patients.

The first generic versions of GSSM were approved in 2011, and have since been approved in nine other countries, including the U

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