How to know if you’re sick

You can tell whether or not you’re at risk of developing a condition or a disease if you see a doctor.

Here are some of the common ways you can tell if you are:If your symptoms are:Coughing, or hives or red spots on your skin and throatIf you:Are sick or have symptoms that look like a cold, sore throat or a feverIf your blood tests indicate a higher than normal level of red blood cells in your bloodThe doctor or nurse who performs the test is not sure if you have a serious condition that can cause you to lose your life or a more common, more serious diseaseIf you have symptoms of:AnemiaThe symptoms of which include:An increased level of blood pressure that’s hard to control or control with medication (such as diuretics or blood thinners)The doctor can check the level of the blood with a test kitThe doctor may also give you a blood test which may help you determine if you need to get a blood transfusionIf you are older than 18:If you don’t have symptoms, you are not at risk.

However, if you do have symptoms such as:Pain in your lower back, back or sideYou may also have:Anxiety or paranoiaYou can get your blood tested with a blood draw.

The doctor will take a sample of your blood and send it to a lab to test for a number of different types of blood cells.

If they find a high level of a particular type of cell, it may be a sign that you may have a blood disorder.

The type of blood cell in your body can determine how much of a risk you have.

If a particular cell is in a higher percentage of people’s blood than normal, the risk of having a disease or a condition increases.

The higher the percentage of red cells in the blood, the greater the risk for developing a disease.

Blood testing is used as a first step to make sure you’re not at a high risk of dying, and to make certain you’re getting the right care.

You can get a free blood test at any GP office.

You should check with your doctor if you suspect you have another medical condition such as a blood clot or an infection that could affect your ability to carry out normal activities, such as driving.

If you have other symptoms that indicate a medical condition, you may be more likely to develop a serious illness.

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