‘We’re looking at it’: What we know about the Ebola outbreak in West Africa

We know that the virus has infected a large number of West African countries.

It is unclear exactly how many have been infected and how many there are.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is also working to establish a clear picture of the spread of the virus in the region.

We also know that it is spreading faster than it has in the past.

So, we are now starting to get a sense of the extent of the outbreak.

Here are some things we know and what we are working to do about it: What we have to do to stop the outbreak from spreading More than 2,600 people have been confirmed as having been infected with the virus, including about 1,400 people in Guinea, where the WHO says the virus is now at a high-level of infection.

More than 300 people have died in the outbreak, including the Liberian President who is in quarantine.

WHO says that most of those cases have occurred in Liberia.

WHO is currently investigating more than 1,300 cases in Guinea.

At this point, there is no indication of a large outbreak in Sierra Leone or Liberia.

Ebola is not spreading through a new route to other parts of West Africa.

It has already infected people in Senegal, Cameroon, Nigeria and Senegal.

It does not appear to be spreading through the Sahara desert or through water to other countries.

The WHO is also investigating cases in countries where people have already contracted the virus from someone else.

More people are dying in the virus than in other countries, including in Liberia, where more than 60 people have now died.

The virus is still highly infectious.

The number of confirmed cases is up from the previous outbreak but the number of deaths is down.

WHO estimates that more than 3,500 cases have been recorded in West African nations.

It says that the WHO is seeing a decline in the number and frequency of deaths.

This may be because the disease is being stopped at the point of transmission and fewer people are coming forward.

WHO has been working with local health officials in Sierra de Liberia to reduce transmission through education and surveillance.

The outbreak has also led to a reduction in travel to and from West Africa, which has allowed for a reduction of cases.

People are also beginning to move back and forth between countries, particularly from the region in which they are infected.

There has been a decrease in travel in Guinea and Liberia, but the situation is improving.

The death toll is down to about 1.3 million, the lowest in the WHO’s records.

WHO continues to monitor and investigate cases and to investigate contacts.

WHO hopes to find a way to stop this outbreak in the coming days and weeks.

It expects that the current outbreak will be under control by March 2019.

It will then have passed through Guinea and Senegal and then to Liberia, Sierra Leone and Sierra Leonean Guinea.

WHO will continue to monitor the outbreak and to assess the spread and effects of the Ebola virus in West and Central Africa.

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