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Posted December 05, 2018 15:37:48 I am a very sick person.

My body is sick.

But I am going to take this to the doctors, my family, my friends, my church, my co-workers and everyone who can help me.

Good intentions medical.

I’m not just sick.

I have an infection.

I had pneumonia for about a month and a half before I was diagnosed with cancer.

I am in intensive care, and I’m getting worse.

But, as a doctor, I am very grateful for the doctors.

They’ve helped me tremendously, and they are making a difference.

My mom, my dad, my brother, my sister, and my niece are the ones who are trying to keep me alive.

I can’t thank them enough.

So, I have to take some of that responsibility to try and save my life.

I’ve heard stories about the doctors who have given them, but I have no idea what they’re doing to the people they care about.

My dad’s in the hospital now and my sister’s in ICU.

I was able to visit her in the ICU and she was very grateful.

She’s going to see her doctor tomorrow and she said that she’s glad she was able.

That’s great news, because it means that the doctors are taking a serious look at the care I need.

I want to go to my doctor tomorrow, and if I have cancer, I want the doctors to know that I want that treatment.

And they have to give me the information that they need to make sure that it doesn’t get me worse.

My sister, my mom, her brother, and her niece are all getting cancer.

And so is my dad.

I feel like I’m being treated like I have a disease that is not terminal, but it’s not terminal either.

The good news is that I’m lucky.

They’re taking care of me.

I love being a mom.

I just want to be able to give them the same care.

I know that the doctor in my hospital said that if they did not know what they needed to do, they wouldn’t even have taken the time to ask me.

My husband, he also has cancer.

He’s been through a lot.

He went through chemotherapy, he had radiation, and he got a stem cell transplant.

I also have cancer.

So I’m grateful that I’ve been treated like a human being, because they have been caring for me.

It’s been a good thing.

It feels like a big relief to be given the care that I need to survive.

Good luck to everyone.

The doctors are making an enormous difference.

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