How do you know whether a medical marijuana card is good?

Medical marijuana is legal in Canada, and medical marijuana cards are valid for a maximum of six months.

If a card is issued to a patient, it is considered valid for up to six months, but it can be revoked at any time, and can be cancelled at any moment.

A medical marijuana patient can receive up to a maximum $500 per month from a doctor in Ontario.

They can also obtain a private cultivation license in Ontario for $1,000 per year.

But that is just the beginning.

Patients can also apply for a medical cannabis card for up $10,000.

Medical marijuana cards can also be used for medical purposes in Ontario and Alberta, but that is not guaranteed.

A patient cannot use their card for any other purpose, and there are limits on what can be done with a medical card.

There are also restrictions on who can receive medical cannabis cards and where they can get them.

For example, a medical patient cannot possess more than five grams of cannabis and cannot use it in public or in a vehicle without a licence.

A doctor can prescribe cannabis to a person who has a valid medical marijuana authorization card, but they must not provide the person with any other drug or alcohol or engage in any activities that could endanger their health or safety.

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