A medical-themed flash card for your medical needs

I want you to be happy, but not so happy that you need to spend the night alone.

A medical flash card might be helpful if you need a reminder that you’re alive, healthy and looking healthy, even if you don’t need the help of a doctor.

A good medical co-leges might be an easy way to get you to think about the things you’re worried about.

(Read: You’re not a doctor and you can’t be one.)1.

Do you want to help others?

(Do you have medical needs?

Do you have an urgent need?

Are you feeling anxious?

You can help others by sharing the stories of people who have helped you.)2.

Have you ever had an emergency or emergency related to an illness?

You don’t have to be in the hospital, but you might need to share your story.


Have your needs been a barrier?

Are there any barriers to getting help?

You might be able to share the stories you’ve experienced.4.

If you can, write out the stories from your own life.

It might be more effective to ask someone else to write them for you.5.

When you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or anxious, write down what it is you’re most worried about, like: What will I do if something bad happens?

How will I react to it?

What can I do to prepare for it?6.

If your symptoms are worsening, ask about what might be causing them.

It’s easier to ask yourself questions than to go to the doctor.7.

Have someone who knows you or your family helped you get through an emergency.

A nurse or doctor can help you.8.

When your symptoms get worse, talk about what you’re doing to try to stop them.

If they aren’t stopping, you might be feeling more depressed and anxious.9.

Have people at your house and in your life help you get help if you’re not feeling well.

(These might include a friend, family member, neighbor, or doctor.)10.

Have a safe place to stay.

It can be difficult to leave your home if you can hear gunshots or people yelling, but if you have someone who can help, it might be a good idea to do so.

(This is especially important if you feel unsafe.)11.

If possible, ask if you should be staying with someone.

It doesn’t have any negative consequences, so don’t feel embarrassed about asking for help.

If it’s too late, call 911.

(If you can talk, ask to call someone else who’s willing to help you.)

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