When you can’t get a good doctor, you can always count on Good Samaritan coverage

A new Good Samaritans initiative allows people who are suffering from medical emergencies to take advantage of the government’s Medicaid program.

“If you are a patient and you need to go to the emergency room, and you don’t have a doctor or a hospital that can give you that treatment, you should call Good Samarions,” said Karen O’Donnell, a spokesperson for Good Samarills.

“It’s not just good for the patient but also good for Medicaid.

This is a way for the Medicaid to get the best value for their money.”

O’Donnell told News24 the Good Samarilies program allows people to take care of one another and to provide emergency services, including transportation.

She said Good Samarits is also working to help people who cannot access other health care options.

The program has been rolled out across the country to cover an estimated 5 million people who have been affected by the coronavirus.

O’Brien said the good news is that the program has a positive impact on healthcare costs.

“For people who can’t afford the ambulance or the hospital, or who cannot afford the doctor or the nurse, or the ambulance company, or even the ambulance provider, we’re here to help,” O’Connor said.

“And it’s a really simple, easy, affordable way for people to get help and be safe.”

Oddly enough, the program is only available to the poorest people in the state of New Jersey.

In the past, Good Samaritas has given grants to people who needed care in their communities.

O’Brien says the new program is a win for New Jersey, but she is not sure how many people have signed up for the program so far.

“We don’t know how many of the people we’re working with have signed on.

But it’s definitely something that has been positive for New York,” O ‘Brien said.

She added the program’s goal is to help as many people as possible and says it’s not only a good investment, but a win-win for New Yorkers.

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