Why does the government keep the money for medical goods?

A review of government spending by the ABC’s The Drum reveals a vast amount of taxpayer money is going to health-related businesses that may not even be doing anything.

The Department of Health spent more than $4 billion on health-care equipment last year, an average of nearly $4,000 a person, according to the latest data available.

But this is just for one health-providing business in particular.

The government also has another, much bigger health-aid program, the Medical Equipment Tax, which can pay for up to $400 million in equipment and services for Medicare patients and their families.

The Medical Equipment and Equipment Support Program is the main source of the bulk of the government’s money for health-service equipment, but the money also covers a wide range of services.

Some of the most popular services for the program include:Healthcare workers.

Many health workers are trained in emergency medicine and trauma medicine, and are needed to treat people who are in hospital, and in the community, who have no other options.

And when it comes to the types of treatments they can provide, health workers also have a number of training programs.

But the most valuable service for the health workers is the one they’re paid the most to provide: health care.

Some say this is a form of slavery, because health workers do a lot of work that they can’t pay for.

For example, they provide emergency care to patients with pneumonia.

They can also treat trauma patients, and they can also perform surgery.

Many of the medical services for this type of job are also available to other health-services workers.

In fact, the Department of Human Services, which administers the Medical equipment and Equipment support Program, also has a large workforce of medical assistants and other health professionals.

The number of these people is growing.

In the last financial year, the Health Services and Disability Administration (HSA) said the number of medical support employees grew by nearly 25 per cent to 3,400, and by more than 200 per cent in just the last three years.

The Health Services Department, which is responsible for the Health Equipment Support program, said its workforce grew by almost 25 per of its 3,100 positions.

But it is also concerned about the future.

The government wants to have a workforce of more than 5,000 by 2021.

That would require a workforce that is not only bigger than the number employed now, but also includes people trained in other areas.

The Government wants to recruit health professionals to replace some of the health-worker positions.

And they want to hire some of them in the first half of 2021.

But they need to find some qualified people.

So in an effort to attract health professionals, the Government has set up a “caregivers program”.

It will provide training to some of these health professionals and to other staff at some of its health-support businesses, and it will pay them up to a maximum of $250,000 to take part.

The $250 and $500 annual salaries will be paid out in a lump sum, but it is unclear how many of the workers will actually be paid.

The Labor Party has called for the Government to be forced to provide better training and pay for them.

And in a recent speech to the Parliamentary Labor Party, Health Minister Dr Andrew Pridham said he hoped the Government would work with the Labor Party to find a solution.

“I would encourage the Government, the Minister of Human Resources and Employment, the minister of health and the minister for the Department to work with these people in the next three to four months,” Dr Pridman said.

The Minister said the Government had already worked with the Opposition on the issue, but would work harder.

“We will work with them, I think it’s important for us to get this right and we will work hard to make sure that we get this done.”

Dr Pridhan also said he was working with the Department and the Health Service to address some of his concerns.

But his comments have sparked anger among health workers and their supporters.

In an online petition, a group of health-workers have called on the Government and Labor to pay them a living wage.

“The $50,000 [a year] they [the Government and the Labor] have promised to provide to all health workers in 2020 is not enough for them to make a living,” the petition states.

“There are more than 10,000 health workers currently living in poverty.”

Labor Party Senator Andrew Leigh said it was time to stop relying on the Medical and Industrial Services Union to provide this funding.

“This is the Government saying to its own workers, ‘Oh, we’re going to put in some money to provide you with a living’,” Senator Leigh said.

Labor MP Pauline Hanson said it wasn’t good enough.

“It is unacceptable that the Government is trying to privatise the health services,” she said.

“Health workers have been treated as second-class citizens and the Government should be paying them for the work that the

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