Good Medical Cosmetics Tax Will Hit Patients Hard, But Not So Much For Doctors

In a few weeks, the medical goods tax (GMCT) will go into effect, making the first phase of its implementation, in India, mandatory, and a major headache for doctors.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the Indian government will require a minimum of 3,000 units of medical goods to be imported from the US.

The new rules, which will take effect on February 16, will make the import of medical devices, like pacemakers, cardiac monitors and CT scanners mandatory for patients who require them.

The first phase, including the importation of all medical goods will also be mandatory.

A total of 5,000 medical devices and 2,000 devices for devices that can be used to treat diseases will also have to be inspected and tested before they can be imported.

A spokesperson for the ministry of health said that this is part of the government’s efforts to bring the country closer to the World Health Organization (WHO) standard for a high standard of healthcare, which is expected to be reached by April 2020.

India already has one of the highest standards in the world for medical devices.

The Indian Medical Council, which represents doctors, is urging all medical professionals in India to adopt the standards as soon as possible.

Doctors are expected to get a huge boost in salary in the coming months as the medical device and medical device parts are likely to be cheaper.

According to a study conducted by the Indian Medical Association, the price of medical equipment in India is the third-lowest in the World.

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