New wearable technology may help improve your health

A new wearable device could offer improved health information to help people who suffer from heart attacks, strokes or other conditions.

Key points:The device could allow users to monitor the condition of their hands, neck and legs, for example, while they workAs well as being able to monitor breathing, heart rate and blood pressure, it could be used for assessing blood pressure and breathing, for breathing while in and out of the body and for assessing heart rate, breathing while resting, heart muscle activity and other factorsThe device is developed by the company, which describes itself as a healthcare provider of the “firsts” for wearable technology.

“A new generation of wearable medical devices, that’s why we decided to focus on this particular topic,” CEO Dr Rohan Sharma told AAP.

“In addition to monitoring the condition and the symptoms of the patient, it is also used to provide a health assessment for the person as well as to monitor vital signs.”

The device, which is currently only available for select patients, uses a sensor that is placed on the user’s wrist, neck or leg to measure their pulse and blood oxygen levels.

“It’s a wearable device that can be worn and it can be connected to the phone and it’s an activity monitor, and it allows the user to monitor different aspects of the blood flow in their hands and the neck and the legs, as well,” Dr Sharma said.

“The sensors on the wrist, on the neck or on the legs measure the blood oxygen level and then the sensors on your phone measure the heart rate.”

While a smartphone may seem a relatively simple solution to a health issue, Dr Sharma says this wearable device is “a very advanced solution for monitoring the blood pressure in your body”.

“The blood pressure sensor on your wrist or on your neck can measure the pressure in a certain area and then you can measure it on your mobile phone and on your smartphone it can show the heart rates,” he said.

In addition, the device can measure other health information, such as the amount of oxygen in your blood.

Dr Sharma said while the device was being developed as a health monitoring tool, it was also used as a “health diagnostics tool”.

“It can be used as an alternative to a heart monitor, an alternative device to a chest X-ray, an analog or digital X-rays, to a blood test,” he explained.

“Because the blood is in the blood stream, it can tell you if there’s a heart attack, if there are any blood clots or if there is an arterial bleed.”

The devices are also being tested for their ability to measure the number of oxygen molecules in the bloodstream.

Dr Rohan said there were many benefits to the device, including providing information on how much oxygen a patient’s blood has been getting.

“For example, if you look at the data of your heart, it will show that you have a lot of oxygen,” Dr Roshan said.

“And then you’ll also be able to measure your pulse and the heart is also able to tell you the amount and intensity of your pulse.”

Dr Roshant said while he was unsure how many people would be able fit the device into their wrist, he said he was confident that it would work well in many people.

“People who are on a high blood pressure will need to wear this device to monitor their blood pressure because if they get too high they could bleed,” Dr Kumar said.


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