NFL players to start wearing health bracelets for health

Players will start wearing bracelets that track their health in a major league debut on Tuesday.

The league announced the move Tuesday.

The bracelets, which players can opt for or not purchase, will come in two varieties, the Flexible and the Flexor, according to the league.

The Flexor bracelets track players’ heart rate, sleep patterns, activity levels, body temperature, and oxygen levels.

Players will be able to adjust the band’s size to fit their specific needs.

Players can also choose to wear the bracelets as part of a health plan.

The Flexor band is a $50 wristband that is currently available on the NFL’s website for $99.

It will also be available for $30 in store and online.

Flexible bracelets will be available in a variety of colors, ranging from black to pink.

Players who are participating in the NFL Health program will receive a Flexible band for $20.

The first group of players will wear the FlexiBand on Monday and Tuesday, the league announced.

The second group will wear Flexibands on Wednesday and Thursday.

In the Flexibility bracelets the Flex bands are placed on a person’s wrist.

The bracelets are designed to track their heart rate and breathing.

Players will be allowed to wear them as part, or in lieu of, a regular bracelet.

Players participating in other leagues, such as Major League Baseball, the NHL and the NBA, will not be eligible for the bracelet program.

“We’re excited to introduce the Flexis,” the NFL said in a statement.

“This program provides a unique opportunity to test our players on the most popular wearables in the sports world.

The program allows us to better serve our players and give them the confidence to wear their bracelets and the smart technology they need to help keep their bodies healthy.”

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